2015 Landers Ram B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail Presented by Bayou Outdoor Supercenter

2 Man Team
$180.00 per team
$30 per team annual membership
$10 late fee for entries received after 6 pm Thursday prior to each event.


Location to be picked at first qualifying event. All teams finishing in the Top 50 in points or entering all four qualifying events are eligible for the championship. Teams will go out the first day according to their point standing for the year. At the conclusion of the first day weigh-in the field will be divided in half according to their first day finish. The first half of the field will fish the second day for the Ranger Boat and the second half will fish for the Stratos Boat. NO TEAM IS EVER OUT OF CONTENTION TO WIN A BOAT!

Tournament News

  • B.O.S.S. and Boat Regulations (1/29/2015)

      The 1st Landers/Ram BOSS presented by Bayou Outdoors is only 10 day away. Remember to make sure that you have a current Cross Lake sticker and that we will be headquartered out of American Legion. You may launch anywhere at any time that morning but cannot make a cast till 30 min before legal sunrise. That time will be posted here by Thursday evening Feb 5. Also you must go to the BOSS section and look at the Cross Lake Registration to get your Team number. It is important that you know that number to prevent you from slowing down the check in procedure or checking in by the wrong number which can result in you being marked as late and a loss of points.
        I have had a couple of inquiries about fishing from " duck boats/ surface drive/ mud boats. The answer is NO. Although we do allow aluminum boats with outboards I have chosen not to allow the surface drives. I am sorry if this prevents anyone from fishing because that is their only type of boat but I feel this the right decision for the majority of the field.
       Good luck and thanks for your support. Finally, make sure you know about all the " Contingency Money" that we offer this year ....Ranger Cup, Stratos 2X, Triton Gold and Typhoon Sunglasses.  Follow all the rules and guide lines so you will eligible to win.

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Feb 7

Cross Lake

Mar 7

Caddo Lake

Apr 4

Black Lake Campti

May 2

Red River

June 6-7

All qualifying tournaments are trailering events.
Championship will not be a trailering event.