2014 Landers Ram B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail Presented by Bayou Outdoor Supercenter

2 Man Team
$180.00 per team
$25 per team annual membership
$10 late fee for entries received after 6 pm Thursday prior to each event.


Location to be picked at first qualifying event. All teams finishing in the Top 50 in points or entering all four qualifying events are eligible for the championship. Teams will go out the first day according to their point standing for the year. At the conclusion of the first day weigh-in the field will be divided in half according to their first day finish. The first half of the field will fish the second day for the Ranger Boat and the second half will fish for the Ranger Aluminum Boat. NO TEAM IS EVER OUT OF CONTENTION TO WIN A BOAT!

Tournament News

  • Cash Splash Championship (9/18/2014)

       We are only 10 days away from our Cross Lake Championship...it was a great year and will be an exciting tournament. The "DEAD SEA" is still producing large strings and great kickers.
         THERE IS A 5 DAY OFF LIMIT PERIOD...SEPT 22 THRU SEPT 26. NO  ONE ALLOWED ON CROSS LAKE FOR ANY REASON. ( I apologize to you teal hunters).  As we near the last weekend of practice I ask each of you to show courtesy to the hunters in blinds out there. If you just give the "woods area" and hour Sat and Sun morning it would be appreciated by the hunters.

      Only a few teams have entered and it is getting close. Please go by Bayou and get your money in and TELL BIG DAVE HOW MANY WILL ATTEND THE MEETING AND SUPPER. It is important that everyone is registered by Tuesday  Sept 23, we have to have a head count for the caterer. Remember, spouses and or girlfriends are invited.
       Supper will be served at app. 6:00 p.m. and the rules meeting will start no later than 6:30. Please be on time and we will get you out as soon as possible.
        Thanks again for your support in making this our biggest year and we are working on making it bigger in 2015.

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Feb 1

Black Lake Campti

Mar 1


Apr 5

Red River

May 3

Cross Lake

June 7 & 8

All qualifying tournaments are trailering events.
Championship will not be a trailering event.