2015 Landers Ram B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail Presented by Bayou Outdoor Supercenter

2 Man Team
$180.00 per team
$30 per team annual membership
$10 late fee for entries received after 6 pm Thursday prior to each event.


Location to be picked at first qualifying event. All teams finishing in the Top 50 in points or entering all four qualifying events are eligible for the championship. Teams will go out the first day according to their point standing for the year. At the conclusion of the first day weigh-in the field will be divided in half according to their first day finish. The first half of the field will fish the second day for the Ranger Boat and the second half will fish for the Stratos Boat. NO TEAM IS EVER OUT OF CONTENTION TO WIN A BOAT!

Tournament News

  • Typhoon Sun Glasses Non Compliant (2/14/2015)

      The Typhoon 'Wear It To Win It' is a GREAT program and we are happy to have them on board for 2015. This company is willing to pay up to $ 4,375 back to our anglers in 5 events......and all you have to do is purchase a great pair of glasses ( at a great price) and take about 5 minutes to complete the requirements.  Fact..THEY WILL NOT PAY THE MONEY IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE ALL THE REQUIREMENTS.
       Many of you have bought and joined, congratulations and good luck. However, the marketing company for Typhoon sent me a list of anglers who have purchased and not entered or not completed all requirements. Below is listed the names of anglers who are not "Completely Compliant". If you see your name or your partners name please contact Typhoon and finish the process. Don'T leave money on the table this year. Also... I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DID OR DID'T COMPLETE SO CALLING ME WILL NOT HELP.  Just contact Typhoon and lets be eligible for this free money. If this program does not suit you or you feel the requirements are too much, it is your option not to participate. However, they make the rules and 5 minutes work for $500 is a good deal in anyones book.

    1 Mark Hay                  Non Compliant
    2 Earl Glass                 Non Compliant
    3 Brad Williams            Non Compliant
    4 Charles Hammock      Non Compliant
    5 Haley Taylor              Non Compliant
    6 Mike Leppert              Non Compliant
    7 John Valentine            Non Compliant
    8 Randall Crabtree         Non Compliant  

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Feb 7

Cross Lake

Mar 7

Caddo Lake

Apr 4

Black Lake Campti

May 2

Red River

June 6-7

All qualifying tournaments are trailering events.
Championship will not be a trailering event.